Welcome to DMintz Web Design, a web development microbusiness owned and operated by David Mintz

What? You call yourself a web developer and this is the best you can do for a website?

I know. Isn't it shameful? Excuse: This is a sideline. I have a respectable day job (as a staff Spanish court interpreter at the US District Court, Southern District of New York). I had a site that tried to be more impressive, but it was pitifully dated and I just had to knock it down and put up this little brochure until such time as I find time to do better.

So... tell us about your skills and accomplishments. Briefly.

I do web development, specializing with MySQL and PHP. I also speak Java (I hold a Sun Microsystems certification in Java programming and a certificate in Object-Oriented Programming from New York University/SCPS). I do front-end CSS/Javascript work as well, using such things as Bootstrap, jQuery, and so on.

I have taught PHP at NYU/SCPS, to very good reviews. I have designed, developed, deployed, maintained and supported web database applications for such entities as the US District Courts, the New York Circle of Translators, and others. I have built sites using the well-known publishing tools Wordpress and Drupal. I am especially interested in MVC frameworks like Zend and the ORM library Doctrine, and have made a couple of contributions (albeit modest ones) to open-source projects.

Basic Linux system administration is also in my bag of tricks, with ample experience installing and configuring database and web servers.

I understand the commonly used tools, technologies and best practices such as automated testing and version control. And I am a huge fan of security and digital privacy.

Fascinating. How can I contact you for further information?

Send your email to dmintz followed by an @ followed by dmintzweb.com