DMintz Web Design

Welcome to DMintz Web Design, a web development microbusiness owned and operated by David Mintz

What? You call yourself a web developer and this is the best you can do for a web site?

Yeah. Sorry. Excuse: This is a sideline. I have a respectable day job. I had a site that tried to be more impressive but it was hideously dated and I just had to knock it down and put up this little brochure until such time as I find time to do better.

So... tell us about your skills and accomplishments. Briefly.

I do web development, specializing with MySQL and PHP. I also speak Perl and Java (I'm Sun Microsystems-certified in Java programming and hold a certificate in Object-Oriented Programming from New York University/SCPS). I have taught PHP at NYU/SCPS. I have designed, developed, deployed, maintained and supported web database applications for such entities as the US District Courts, the New York Circle of Translators, and others (most sites are private, within intranets or password-protected). I understand stuff like HTTP and Apache, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, AJAX, essential security, good practices such as using version control, separating business logic from presentation, and so on. I have plenty of technical books on my shelf and have read and even understood parts of nearly all of them. (OK, that last bit was self-deprecatory jest, very unprofessional of me.)

Fascinating. How can I contact you for further information?

Send your email to dmintz followed by an @ followed by

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